pink car charity rally

I have a PINK CAR

As long as your car’s bodywork is at least 80% PINK, you can participate in the Pink Car Rally.  We welcome other pink vehicles too, but again, they need to fulfil the 80% criteria.

To enter, simply download an Entry Form (Microsoft Word document) complete it and send it off, together with the £20 Entry Fee. If you have problems accessing the form above here is a PDF version of the Entry Form

When you arrive at the Rally, you will be given a Pink Car Rally T.shirt to wear, plus a copy of the route, in case you lose sight of the car in front of you!  Although experience has shown, that it’s actually very difficult to lose sight of a pink procession of cars!

We encourage Pink Participants to raise Sponsorship, by setting up a JustGiving page.  To do this, please click on this link to the JustGiving Team Page and scroll down to the ‘Team Members’ heading.  To the right, you should see a clickable link which says ‘To join the Team’.  Click on this and follow the instructions.  If you get stuck, please contact us.  Alternatively, please download our paper Sponsorship Form.