pink car charity rally


Background to PINK CAR RALLIES

My name is Sali Gray and I’m the very proud owner of a Pink Nissan Micra C&C.  I bought it in 2006, simply because I fell in love with it.  Little did I realise the impact it would have on other people.  The reactions to it have ranged from screams of delight (usually from girls, aged from about 2 to about 22!), to looks of sheer amazement. 

Around the same time as I bought my car, I read a small article about a new children’s charity, called ‘The Little Princess Trust’ (  The charity sources and pays for ‘real hair’ wigs for children who have lost their hair, primarily through cancer treatment.  The charity was started by a couple who lost their little girl to cancer.  She found losing her hair very traumatic and her parents had great difficulty in sourcing a realistic looking wig for her.  At that time, finding specialist, high quality wigs for children was very difficult and only after a long search was a suitable company found, who eventually made a wig for Hannah – something she enjoyed wearing, especially for special events.

Towards the end of 2007, I attended the Little Princess Trust’s AGM.  A suggestion was made, that they should employ a PR Company to raise awareness of the charity.  I offered an alternative suggestion – I volunteered to run some awareness raising/ fundraising events for them, for free.

It didn’t take me very long to put two and two together (especially when you consider that the charity’s logo is the same pink as my beloved Micra) and come up with the idea of a ‘Pink Car Rally’.  Can you imagine what effect it would have on people to see not one pink car, but perhaps 12, or 24, or even 50?!  All following each other along the road?  What a photo/film opportunity – the media would love it…

And so it began…  The 2008 Pink Car Rally (which ran from Hereford Hospital to Bristol Children’s Hospital) was a brilliant success and received a lot of media coverage.  My aim was for the Rally to become an annual event, with a 5th Anniversary Pink Car Rally, in 2012, running from John O’Groats to Land’s End, with pink vehicles joining in and peeling off, along the route.  Please take a look at our Past and Future Rallies

 After the Car Rally costs have been met, (costs are for the Pink Car Rally t.shirts which the participants wear, the information packs, and promotional flyers and posters) all monies raised will go to the Little Princess Trust.

Additional donations via Just Giving, are always gratefully received.  If you would prefer to send a cheque donation, please contact Sali Gray. Please note, Sali Gray has not charged the charity for organising this event, nor will she be claiming any personal expenses.  In her book, ‘voluntary’ means ‘voluntary’!