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Welcome to the home of the annual


This pink procession, purrs along its route, raising awareness of (and funds for) a fledgling children’s charity, called the Little Princess Trust, which provides ‘real hair’ wigs for children (aged 2-18) who lose their hair, primarily through cancer treatments.

Please note:-  We all LOVE our pink cars!!  Therefore, the route is strictly ‘on-road’ and we drive in convoy, to the speed limits, as much as possible.

We continually fundraise for the Little Princess Trust.  Please consider making a donation.  All money received will be spent on wigs for children. Make a Donation here

This version of Pink Cadillac has been recorded for us, by Morissa Trunzo, a young aspiring singer/songwriter and musical theatre performer, who lives in Montana, USA.  I found her on YouTube and she was delighted to add her support to the Pink Car Rally.  You can find out more about Morissa through her FaceBook page and on



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We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Karen Blaylock, from Spear Solutions South West ( who volunteered to build this wonderful website for us,  to Kelly Pryce Halloran, from Air Creative who volunteered to create the stunning Pink Car Rally Flyer and to Wyenet a brilliant, Herefordshire based, independent internet service provider, for their kindness in hosting the Pink Car Rally site, since its conception.  We are very grateful for their generosity and hope that this website generates additional work for their businesses